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Esscentual Alchemy Lime in the Coconut Fragrance Review


* Fresh and juicy lime kicks this off… surprise.

* For a natural, it projects quite strongly and has a lot of oomph.

* Coconut enters the party, and suddenly it’s a bit sweeter, but still projecting.

* After about 45 minutes, Lime in the Coconut gets really close to the skin. There is a subtle haze but it quiets down a lot.

* The coconut lime mix becomes quite sheer after 2 hours and can only be sensed if you smell you arm. 

Summary:  As I explore more and more fragrances, I realize there are notes with which I have a contentious relationship. For example, vetiver never works on my skin – it goes rancid, tart, caustic, sweaty, and evil (bad) skank.  Lime is another note – I love the smell but unfortunately, it never lasts on my skin.  Tom Ford Azure Lime is a great scent but I rarely get more than an hour of wear from it.  Lime in the Coconut is a FUN, flirty, tart lime softened with sweet coconut (and inspired by the song).  To be crass, on my skin, its like that quickie fling I wish would last several hours so that I could enjoy it longer.  Longevity is often an issue with natural scents, so I would encourage you to test this (and others from the Escentual Alchemy line) but be prepared to reapply every few hours.  Maybe it really is like a good drink, you need one every few hours to stay hydrated (and keep the buzz pleasantly going).

Esscentual Alchemy fragrances are available through the Esscentual Alchemy website.

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Disclaimer: Sample provided by publicist for review. Image courtesy of Esscentual Alchemy.