GEO F Trumper Extract of Limes Skin Food Review


* Geo F Trumper is a traditional barber which has a wide range of fragrance and shaving products.

* Skin Food is their version of moisturizer, which can be used as both a preshave and aftershave.

* The consistency is right between a gel and a liquid- viscous and thick, though runny.

* When used as a preshave, you get an extra-smooth gliding action regardless of the shaving cream that you use.

* As an aftershave it is soothing and softening, without any alcohol burn- leaving a slight scent which dissipates quickly, before you would put on cologne.

Summary:  I visited the GEO F Trumper store when I was in London last year at the suggestion of a wet shaving aficionado.  I felt like I was stepping back in time to an old school barber shop where rich and royal distinguished noblemen would hobnob with others from all social strata (who could of course afford high class grooming). I was there to buy a tube of their wonderful almond shaving cream that I had previously tested and fell in love with, and the sales associate suggested I try the skin food and threw in samples of Coral (rose) and Extract of Limes.  On first use, I wasn’t sure how much to use and overdid it. Somewhere between a dime and a quarter amount covers my complete face and head for preshave or aftershave.  I was impressed at how quickly it soaked into my skin as an aftershave and how it left my skin feeling smooth for hours (if not the whole rest of the day). Guys shouldn’t be afraid of Coral – because even though it’s rose, it borders on a soapy, masculine rose, not dissimilar to Amouage Lyric Men. The scent doesn’t last long and will not interfere with cologne you put on afterwards.  The price for 100ml (3.4 Oz) is 15 pounds in the store, and you can find it on Amazon for between $24-$27.  Considering the import fees, that is not a bad exchange rate. That may seem like a lot for moisturizer or aftershave- but considering the high quality and that the bottle will last a REALLY long time – it’s a great deal – and would make a great holiday gift for yourself or the man in your life.  Next time I am back in the store, I will definitely grab a sample the sandalwood as I can only imagine how amazing that smells, especially considering the Lime and Coral that I have been testing.

GEO F Trumper products are available through their website, Amazon, and select boutiques.

Disclaimer: Sample provided by store for review. No financial compensation is received for this review or any others. All opinions are mine. Image courtesy of ShopLondons.