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Jovoy Les Jeux Sont Faits Fragrance Review

* Les Jeus Sont Faits stars off as a mix of smoky wood and dry, sweetened fruits with a hint of balsams.

* The topnote is strong and powerful, dare I say manly?

* The fruit burns off and the smoky woods act as a shade over the boozy notes which develop – gin and rum to the forefront.

* If I sniff really closely, I get a slight smell of coconut, which is probably the smell of tobacco leaves, which on my skin always reads as coconut.   The sweetness is cut by a hint of sweaty cumin.

* The gin and rum fade, after a long time, leaving a very sexy boozy vanilla in the base warmed by a subtle patchouli.

Summary: The inspiration for Les Jeux Sont Fait are the men of the 1950s and the illegal vices they indulged in: cigarettes, alcohol, etc.  The scent story captures this, and the fragrance wears heavy on the skin but is not overbearing.  It feels macho, not in a ’70s/’80s powerhouse way, but with a classic and assured masculine feel – bravado with class, so to say.  Initial projection is quite strong, so if you are looking to wear this in an office, you will need to spray at least an hour before you go into work.  Longevity is great, with the base notes still lingering more than twelve hours.  Guys who wear Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille should test this one, as they feel like cousins.  The base reminds me of Guerlain Spiriteuse Double Vanille (which is a high compliment).   Although many of the notes are alcoholic, wearing it doesn’t make you smell like you’re drunk – it is actually more seductive, for an “I am experienced and been around the block a few times, so hop in/on for a ride” vibe.

Jovoy fragrances are available through Henri Bednel and Jovoy.

Disclaimer:  Sample provided by publicist for company.  Image courtesy of Jovoy.