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Ineke Field Notes From Paris Fragrance Review

Ineke Field Notes From Paris

* Field Notes starts with a juicy orange blossom and sweet patchouli.

* Although this is listed as a feminine, I definitely can see guys wearing it.  It reminds me of the better Chanel masculine fragrances – like a sweet cologne.

* The orange blossom stays present throughout the fragrance.  It starts to get a little soapy when the sweet patchouli is joined by tobacco and leather.

* Once it gets past this phase, Field Notes is different every time I wear it.  Sometimes I get wood and amber with orange blossom in the base.  Other times I get more tobacco with a touch of tonka.

Summary: Field Notes From Paris is an orange blossom fragrance that is full-bodied but not overpowering.  This would be a great office scent as it feels like a classic masculine with a modern twist.  It lasts through the work day and the base notes will go on into the evening.  This would make a great gift for college graduation (or even father’s day). It’s very wearable and a bit unique – just like the person you would probably be buying it for.

Ineke Field Notes From Paris is available from and from select boutiques.

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