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Montale Chocolate Greedy Fragrance Review

Montale Chocolate Greedy* Top notes are sawdust and lime.

* Just kidding, its called Chocolate Greedy for a reason.  Dark (but not bitter) chocolate and orange are the strong top notes.

* Imagine if someone took a fresh Godiva chocolate with an orange filling and bottled the flavor as a scent.

* The orange fades away and a soft vanilla comes in.   It kind of goes from a chocolate candy to a chocolate cake.

* It softly fades into a sweet (but not too sweet) chocolate skin scent that lasts more than eight hours.

Summary.  You can tell I am dieting because I’ve been wearing this and Gourmand Coquin for the past week.   Chocolate Greedy is less refined than the Guerlain but still really nice.  To do a car analogy, if Guerlain Coquin would be a high-end Mercedes Benz, then Chocolate Greedy would be a mid range Lexus.  That being said, if I didn’t already own the Guerlain, I would probably buy Chocolate Greedy because it is so decadent.  It is not as in your face as an Amen yet it feels like it could be a brother to Bond I Love NY for All.  Since it projects so much for the first hour or so, I wouldn’t wear it to an office unless there is some transit time before you get there. It would definitely be a great nighttime scent for guys or gals as you will attract people who wll just want to lick you all over.  And isn’t that the ultimate goal of wearing a scent when going out?

Montale Chocolate Greedy is available from Luckyscent and from the Montale boutique in Paris.

Disclaimer:  Sample provided by the fabulous Julie Price from  Picture is from Luckyscent.