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Lush Cocktail Fragrance Review



* Never Too Busy fragrances have become cult favorites.  When the company closed in 2009, they started getting rerelease at Lush through their Gorilla line.  Cocktail is one of these.

* Cocktail kicks off with a powerful blast of lavender and yiang yiang. The duality of traditionally male and female notes are quite interesting.

* The projection is quite powerful at the beginning – people around you will definitely notice something.

* As the top calms down, orange blossom joins with some soft, powdery florals.

* For a scent called cocktail, it’s odd that there is no liquor or booze smell anywhere.

* Have you ever tasted the Violet candies by C Howard?  Thats what I smell in the soft base, along with some light sandalwood.

Summary:  Lush fragrances use a lot of natural ingredients, so I’ve found that each time I wear Cocktail its a little bit different.  Sometimes the yiang yiang on the top lasts all the way until the end, while other times I get a lipstick smell in the mix.  Lush scents are available in smaller size at very reasonable prices, so if you are looking for something quirky to experiment with, try a cocktail.

Cocktail is available at Lush Stores and from the Lush Website.