Creed Feuilles Vertes Fragrance Review

* Feuilles Vertes means green leaves in French.  The scent was inspired by grass and leaves after rain.

* It goes on sharp and refreshing, bordering on bracing, with cold citrus sharpened by a metallic sense.

* The top reminds me a lot of Acier Aluminum except that it lasts a lot longer.

* The coldness melts away to reveal a dry rose and light vanilla.

* The vanilla sticks around and is joined by a clean jasmine in the base notes.

Summary:  Feuilles Vertes is an odd one to classify.  Although it is somewhat light and floral, it reads to me much more masculine than feminine.   It is definitely office-friendly and the initial sniff will wake you up in the morning.  Longevity is average with it lasting about 4 hours on my skin, so if you bring a little sprayer to work you can reapply after lunch for an afternoon jolt.   As one of the Creed Royal Exclusives, it’s both rare and expensive, so be sure to skin test several times before going for a full bottle.

Feuilles Vertes is available from select Neiman Marcus stores and from Creed Boutiques.