Montale Black Musk Fragrance Review

* Initial sniff is spicy leather. Leather that is soft, supple, broken in, and sexy.

* Montale is known for their oud fragrances. Black Musk is considered by many to be a mashup of two of the house favorites: Black Aoud and Musk to Musk.

* The leather recedes and a dirty, sweaty musk comes up. It starts off strong and then lightens up and almost goes away.

* Definitely not office-friendly, this would be a great scent for clubbing.

* Just as you think the scent is gone, a third wave comes back strong with a dark musk. This base lasts a long time, even sexier than the top notes.

Summary: Montale Black Musk is a sexy night out on the town scent. It’s not overwhelming, but strong enough to enjoy with the one (or ones) closest to you.

Montale Black Musk is available from Luckyscent, MIN New York and select independent boutiques.