Histoires De Parfums 1969 Fragrance Review

* Histoires de Parfums creates scents inspired by history. 1969 represents sexual revolution.

* The top notes are dirty fruit. That may sound odd, but these aren’t feminine-leaning sweet fruits, but peach and apricot with a sensual feel.

* I discovered the HdP line at the Jovoy boutique in Paris. I smelled the top notes and was awestruck. I bought a bottle nearly blind. It’s been the best nearly blind purchase in my collection.

* In the middle, cloves come to the forefront with a dark floral and a dark patchouli in the background. The interplay between the two is quite sexy.

* The patchouli isn’t the dirty hippie patchouli you might expect form 1969.

* The dry down is amazing. A delicious blend of cocoa and coffee with the patchouli and clove sticking around.

* This fragrance is strong and lasts a long time – definitely not one for the office but great for nighttime. It smells even better the next day after sleeping with it on.

* I did a morning gym workout after wearing 1969 the night before. The sweat reintensified the notes making them quite strong. If you were to wear this while dancing at a club, you would definitely be noticed.

Summary: Histoires de Parfums 1969 evokes the time period but doesn’t feel like old hippie. The top and middle notes are great, don’t get me wrong, but the base is pure heaven and it lasts a long time. Can you tell that I love this fragrance?

Histoires de Parfums 1969 is available from LuckyScent and the Histoires de Parfums Website.