Profumi Del Forte Versilia Aurum Fragrance Review

* Profumi Del Forte is an ultra high end Italian niche line – smelling their fragrances, it’s easy to tell that they use the highest quality ingredients across the board.

* The initial kick is pure sweetness with plum and strawberry, with a touch of tuberose.

* Versilia Aurum is a powerhouse statement of a perfume.  It is obviously made for women but is so over the top strong that a man with confidence could make this smell very sexy indeed.

* After the sweet fruit recedes, the tuberose stays strong as other florals make their presence known.  Each time I wear it, I smell something different – a white floral with a touch of orchid, a jammy rose fighting the tuberose, and sometimes, a dirty iris is mixed with the tuberose.

* I first smelled this fragrance at Selfridge’s in London.  As someone who likes dark and evil, this was so far the opposite that I was attracted to it.  The fact that it lasted through two showers and more than 36 hours of wear made it worth the high price to me.

* The base notes last forever (see above) and are a comforting mix of vanilla, amber, and balsams.

Summary:  Versilia Aurum is not for everyone.   Guys who wear it need to be very confident in their masculinity.  Gals who wear it need to strong enough to project such a strong fragrance.  Two sprays will last you for days.  If you get a spritz on clothing, it will last through a laundering.   I absolutely adore this scent and wish that it was available as a candle.  Please note that this fragrance is quite expensive, but it is of the highest quality and lasts a long time.

Profumi Del Forte Versilia Aurum is available from LuckyScent.