Arquiste Anima Dulcis Fragrance Review

* The Arquiste line is created by architect Carlos Huber who specializes in historic preservation.  Each fragrance is meant to transport the wearer to a moment in time.

* Anima Dulcis (the name is Latin for ‘sweet soul’) kicks off with sweet cocoa kick and a touch of light florals.  It is sweet, but not sickeningly sweet.

* The fragrance is meant to evoke Mexico City in 1695, where nuns in the Royal Convent of Jesus Maria would prepare a cocoa spiced with chile.

* The floral notes on top recede and a rich vanilla comes out, which is balanced by a darkening of the cocoa.   The fragrance gets richer as it develops.

* Though projection is moderate, people will notice you up close.

* Cocoa stays present throughout but gets drier as the spicy chile notes and hints of cinnamon come through.

Summary:   While some drink coffee in the morning to wakeup, a spritz of this cocoa scent would do the trick as well.  On your way to work, the mid notes become more of a skin scent and quite office friendly.   Think of this as grown up hot chocolate that you would get from a niche coffee house that isn’t afraid thing to experiment and add chili from space.

Arquiste Anima Dulcis is available at Barneys New York.