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Guerlain Le Voyou Fragrance Review

Voyou means rascal or criminal in French.

Top notes of bergamot, coriander, and pink pepper give an initial energetic blast on first spray.

Le Voyou was inspired by Arsene Lupin, a fictional character from detective novels written by French writer Maurice Leblanc.

Warm sandalwood anchors the fragrance as notes of light patchouli and cardamom develop.

Wears a little more subtle than its brother fragrance, Le Dandy.

A light skin scent that makes a nice transition from day to evening.

The unique wood-framed bottle looks like a piece of modern art.

Summary: Le Voyou is subtle yet strong.  It doesn’t project like a powerhouse, but it definitely takes you on a nice journey as it stays close to the skin.   When wearing it, I will forget about it, breathe in and enjoy a fresh whiff.

Though Voyou is available from Neiman Marcus, I would recommend that you contact Guerlain Boutique in Las Vegas as their customer service is beyond impeccable, and they carry a complete line of all Guerlain fragrances.