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Arquiste Boutonniere No. 7 Fragrance Review

* Boutonniere No 7 gets right to business with a strong floral note – a mix of gardenia and jasmine.

* The flowers are full and vibrant with a hint of lavender and citrus.
* The citrus burns off quickly and the lavender moves into the background, letting the gardenia shine as the star.

* A dry, earthy vetiver gradually floats in as a haze over the gardenia.  The two are in contrast yet blend together well.

* In the far dry down, there is a slightly spiced vanilla which comes in behind the earthy floral blend.

Summary:  The lofty goal of Boutenniere No. 7 was to make a gardenia scent for guys – and I would say it’s successful.  Gardenia is considered a feminine scent, and by tempering it with lavender and vetiver, this could easily be worn by a guy – a secure guy who is comfortable wearing floral scents.  I went through three sample vials of this before I wrote about it because the transitions seem to vary each time – sometimes I got more citrus/orange throughout the whole development, while other times the vetiver conquered the gardenia for domination.  That makes me think that there is a large concentration of natural ingredients, since it really reacts to skin chemistry differently each time.  Guys who try this, don’t be surprised if gals in your life try to steal it from you. Longevity is solid at over eight hours, and though the first hour is kind of loud, it is office safe.

Arquiste fragrances are available through Barneys and Arquiste website.

Disclaimer:  Sample provided by publicist for review.  Image courtesy of Arquiste website.