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Illuminum Trumpet Flower Fragrance Review

* Trumpet flower starts off with a sweet, but not candied, flower and a touch of the natural indolic.  Its a mix of jasmine, tuberose, and orange blossom.

* Since the scent is based on the South American trumpet flower and there are three different varieties, I am guessing that it’s based on the Velvet Trumpet flower native to Chile.

* Trumpet is definitely the right name because it goes on loud and broadcasts/projects strongly.

* The flowers are joined by a honeyed vanilla and sweaty spice, which dries it a bit.

* After 8 hours of development, the base notes start to come through – sweet resins with a light musk.

Summary:  While I don’t like saying a fragrance is masculine or feminine, Trumpet Flower would be difficult for a man to pull off as it really is a flower bomb.  The base notes last more than 12 hours or to your next shower.  The second time I wore it, the base was still there even after I showered.   This is a high quality fragrance that floral lovers will definitely want to experience.

Illuminum Haute Perfumes are available from .  They will be available at Henri Bendel in June 2012.

Disclaimer:  Sample provided by Illuminum.  My opinions are my own and I am not financially compensated for this review or any others. Image from