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Bond No 9 Perfumista Avenue Fragrance Review

* Kicks off strong with a burst of spicy herbal fruit with a touch of honey and hay.

* It feels like an Arabic fruit – which must be the saffron and the rose.

* After that opening, it mellows down to a floral melange – a sharp rose and some jasmine.

* A light patchouli appears with the flower and quietly becomes the focus.

* The patchouli is joined by some clean musk and a slight hint of amber in the base.

Summary:  I kind of have a love/hate relationship with Bond scents.  Either I love them immensely or absolutely detest them.  Perfumista Avenue is the rare Bond scent where I am neutral on it. It’s okay, if a bit generic. I don’t get the Perfumista Avenue theme – it’s saffron, flowers, and a pretty generic dry-down.  It does smell like a Bond Scent – sniffing it, that’s obvious, but there isn’t anything in it that makes it stand out from the rest of the collection.  Longevity is disappointing for an edp as it becomes a close skin scent after two hours, then after four hours, it’s barely noticeable.  There are much better scents in the collection, so I would advise you to try a different one in the collection.  Please note – other reviewers are getting much different results on this scent, so read the other reviews below and test for yourself if they sound interesting.

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Bond No 9 fragrances are available at Nordstrom, Saks 5th Avenue, independent boutiques and from Bond No 9 boutiques.

Disclaimer: Sample provided by department store. Image courtesy of Panella Parfums.