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Royal Apothic Terra Firma EDP Fragrance Review


An aggressive mix of orange and lemon with light flowers makes the top.

It’s quite powerful and smells very close to industrial cleanser.

Citrus fades away as the flowers come through.  It’s like a generic mix of flowers – none of them really stand out.

It goes a little sour and then dries down to musty woods.

Summary:  Honestly, I don’t like this as a skin scent.  It doesn’t wear well on me and smells very artificial.  However, I randomly sprayed and it’s much nicer as a room fragrance.  On my skin, it reminds me of harsh abrasive cleanser.  Sprayed in the air on  surfaces, it is citrus, flowers, and wood.  While I tested the EDP (which has great longevity), I noticed on the website that they have an “Interior Perfume” version, which would be their way of calling it a room spray.  One good thing to point out, the packaging is top notch across the board which makes it look much more expensive than the $30 price range.

Royal Apothic fragrances are available through Royal Apothic Website.

Disclaimer: Sample provided by publicist for review. Image courtesy of Amazon.