European Trip 2015 – Day 5 (Paris)

After a nice train ride to Paris, I was greeted at Gare Du Nord by my good friend Kim, who accompanied me for some sniffing and a nice dinner.  We hit Sens Unique and were greeted by the lovely Renata who happily showed us around.

A few highlights:

cigale-figue-oriental-2N-Cigale – a new line based on three notes (lavender, fig, pine) delivered in two ways – realistic for daytime and inspirational for evening.  For example, Fig Fresh is a minty fig that is quite bright.  Fig Orientale is a spicy wood scent with incense and fruits.   Cigale is french for Cicada, and the inspiration is to take something common and reinterpret it in two ways. The bottle is gorgeous, and at 155 Euros for 120 ML, there is enough that you can use it liberally and really enjoy it.  All scents have matching candles which make for great gifts. I picked up Figue Oriental myself (unfortunately Black Lavender was sold out) and a Figue Fresh candle for my good friend who is a fan of fig (say that three times fast).

beaufort-east-indiaBeaufort – a new line inspired by British Maritime history. This line is for the hardcore perfume lovers and history buffs, as well as anglophiles.   They all start off quite strong – so don’t let that scare you off, they do calm down… eventually.

1805 is inspired by the Battle of Trafalgar and the notes of smoke and gunpowder are reminiscent of the infamous DS & Durga scent.  There is also a sense of boozy citrus in the mix – appropriate notes when you consider the sea life inspiration.

Coeur de Noir is the smell of a dark library – paper, ink, leather, pipe tobacco.  Basically a gentleman’s lounge that has been well loved and used.  This is a very masculine scent and could be considered the blue collar version of Creed Bois du Portugal (and that’s a compliment).

East India is more than a bit of intense – whiskey and tobacco dominate with a little tea in the mix.  Basically, everything that the British people traded as luxuries are there.  I hate to assign genders, but this is clearly a male scent.

simone-andreoli-camouflageSimone Andreoli – this line was new to me, and I had sniffed Camouflage last week in Rome.  I gave it a full wearing and fell in love with the musky wood scent.  The is some incense and oud in the mix, but both play a backseat.  Unlike the Givenchy t-shirt, this camouflage won my heart.

After confusion in Amsterdam, I resniffed Pierre Guillaume Metal Hurlant.  It is a metallic rubber and leather scent, like what I smelled in Rome.  One worth testing, but I can’t imagine wearing it on a regular basis.

Renata was inspired by my jacket and suggested David Jourquin Cuir Caraibes.  The fruity floral scent is grounded by wood, leather, and amber.   Another nice scent from the leather-inspired line.

I went back the next day and bought the Cigale Figue Orientale and Simone Andreoli Camouflage.  I also got a Cigale Figue Fresh candle for my good friend (and blog mother) Victoria of eauMG.  I held off on the Beaufort so I could spend some more time with it and because I was planning to meet the perfumer in London later in the week.

Just like I love taking pictures with DJs and producers in dance world, I like taking selfies with perfume people who I enjoy.  Here’s a cute shot of me and Renata.