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By Kilian Musk Oud Fragrance Review

* Musk Oud starts off really pretty – like a summer cologne with heft.  Citrus notes and light spices mingle together for a refreshing lift.

* I had to double check that my sample was labelled correctly as I couldn’t imagine an oud would start like this.

* After the fruit fades away, the flowers come next.  There’s a soapy rose and other flowers in the mix.  There’s a bit of green and a touch of lemon.  (Yes, I am not good at IDing flowers.)

* From flowers, it turns to party time with booze and smoke coming into play.  Its like a speakeasy, with rum flowing freely and smoky oud.

* The oud isn’t overwhelmingly in your face, but well-blended in the mix.

* The base is overly sexy with a dirty musk, earthy patchouli, and light vanilla anchoring the oud and incense, which still leaves a trace.

Although Musk Oud is part of the Arabian Nights collection from By Killian – it seems quite different than the others.  Rose Oud is Rose and Oud.  Incense Oud is incense and oud – pretty much literally what you would expect.  Musk Oud is so much more than musk and oud – it’s a fully-realized perfume where oud plays a role but it’s more a featured supporting actor but not the lead – it’s not oud in your face. It’s introduced subtly and gradually so that by the time it comes in, it’s not a big shock.  If this was bottled by a designer house named Noir something with a hot muscle-y guy fronting it – this could be a major mainstream hit.  It would lure in the average person with the citrus top notes and gradually push them in new directions as it develops.  Although projection is big for the first hour – of the Arabian Nights – this is the only one that could be considered office-friendly.   If you are new to oud – or just want a fragrance which oud in supporting cast rather than the starring role, then Musk Oud might be the one for you.

By Killian fragrances are available at Saks, Luckyscent, and Aedes.

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Disclaimer: Sample provided by store for review. Image courtesy of Luckyscent website.