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Illuminum Indian Oud Fragrance Review

* Starts off like a soft floral, with a bit of citrus.  I get jasmine and germanium.

* The floral calms down but stays present throughout – a subtle light oud starts to come through.

* The oud gets a bit sweaty and salty, but never dirty or aggressive.

* The sweat fades away, and a light vanilla with sandalwood and musk is the base.

Summary:  Indian Oud isn’t necessarily feminine but is an oud that a woman could wear without it being overbearing.   It definitely smells great on a guy, I got a few compliments when I was wearing it.  Unlike many of the ouds on the market, this is not an “oud in your face” or an arabic-styled fragrance.   The base notes last a really long time – more than 12 hours and easily into the next day or next shower.  Though there is strong projection on first spray, it lightens and becomes office-friendly after the first hour.   If you are looking for an oud to wear that doesn’t “wear you” – Indian Oud is worth checking out.

Illuminum Haute Perfumes are available from .  They will be available at Henri Bendel in June 2012.

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