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Custo Barcelona Man Fragrance Review (MAINSTREAM MONDAY)

* Begins with a sweet, but not too sweet, mix of citrus and light floral.

* It’s like a sweetened Tom Ford Neroli Portofino on top, but projects stronger.

* Then it gets really interesting.  The orange blossom comes in with a strong, animalic musk and changes it from sweet and clean to dirty- almost to the point of slutty.

* The change comes as a surprise – maybe one hour into wear.

* Sfter a while, the musk retreats.  The base is again a surprisingly strong amber vanilla mix that lasts a long time.

Summary:  Custo Barcelona is a Spanish designer that I fell in love around 2006 because of their vibrant patterns and colors. The scent matches that exactly.  It is bold and brash but doesn’t go all the way to being obnoxious.  It is not an office-friendly fragrance, but would work for a night out fragrance, especially for someone who is not afraid of wearing bold clothing that gets them noticed.  Actually, this would work well for someone who wears neutral or black clothing but wants an accessory that will make them stand out.  Anyone in your proximity will notice you.  I am guessing they called it an EDT because it’s for guys, since the longevity is more like an EDP- lasting more than 10 hours on my skin. It’s also interesting to note that this fragrance was made by Francis Kurkdjian.

Custo Barcelona Man is available from the Custo Barcelona website.

Bottle purchased by me so no disclaimer needed. Image courtesy of Fragrantica.