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Viktoria Minya Hedonist Fragrance Review

* Bang.  Boozy sweet fruit explodes on the top.

* Apricot and peach infused with rum projects loudly.

* Starts to calm down to a mix of sexy flowers – indolic jasmine in the main focus, with some floral backing and tobacco dirtying it up.

* Dirty, sexy, and sweet is a great way to describe the heart.

* The dry down is a sweet honey vanilla with either dry woods or a touch of vetiver (it wears differently on me each time).

Summary: I can see why this is called Hedonist because it is pleasurable and decadent.  I could also see this being called Voluptuous or being part of the original By Kilian Ouevre Noire collection.  It skews very feminine, so a lot of guys won’t feel comfortable wearing it and it is much more of a nighttime scent – it is too loud for an office.  Hedonist is perfume with a capital P – big and full with a lot of presence. It smells incredibly sexy and has great longevity- lasting more that 10 hours on my skin.  In other words, put it on when going out for the night and you will wake up the next morning smelling sexy and sweet.

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Viktoria Minya Hedonist is available from Luckyscent.

Disclaimer: Sample provide by Victoria Minya. Image courtesy of Luckyscent.