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Smell Bent Holiday Collection Ice Station Zebra Fragrance Review


* I don’t want to say it smells cold – but it starts off with a mix of frozen forest and clean antiseptic wound dressing.

* It’s an odd dichotomy – great outdoors and operating room.

* Thankfully the scent goes more in the outdoors direction with pine and dirt smells taking the lead.

* The scent quickly fades into a woodsy base with a slight hint of musk.

Summary: To pitch this as a holiday scent, I would say that you are going outside into the snowy forest and chopping down a Christmas tree.  The scent journey matches that pretty closely.  It reminds me of A*Men Pure Sport for its bracing cold burst.  This would be a great after gym scent or in hot weather for a refreshing zing. It’s office-friendly and would make an interesting conversation starter.  If you do wear it at the office, be prepare to reapply after lunch as it is pretty much gone after three hours (a little less than average).

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Disclaimer: Samples purchased by me – no disclaimer needed. Image courtesy of Smellbent.