Razo Rock Baby Blue After Shave Review


* On first application, Baby Blue has an alcohol smell that is quickly replaced by citrus.

* Although there is alcohol, I don’t get any burn whatsoever on freshly-shaved skin.

* With the citrus, I get a little bit of lavender and some sweet resins.

* The scent then goes powdery with a hint of lemony green left over from the top.

Summary: I notice that there is a big overlap between guys who love fragrance and obsessive wet shavers (the whole routine of preshave oil, shave soap/cream with a badger brush, and after shave/balm). A good friend in Nashville introduced me to Razo Rock Baby Blue and I was instantly hooked. The aftershave is quite moisturizing, but light enough so that there is no residue/sticky feel that you would get with a balm.  I get the classic clean barber shop vibe/masculine smell, yet it doesn’t feel old or old-fashioned.   The name Baby Blue is probably for the clean and fresh masculine scent.  Most guys will want an aftershave to dissipate quickly so it doesn’t interfere with their cologne.  After 20 minutes, Baby Blue sticks around as a subtle scent that you might catch whiffs of, but it doesn’t fight with cologne you put on top of it.  If you wear a light citrus/summer fragrance, this would be a good base.  If you wear something heavier, it will easily overpower it.  Being the oddball that I am,  I would love an eau de parfum or stronger eau de toilette scent of this.  This has the classic masculine feel of Chanel Pour Monsieur or Creed Bois du Portugal and smells like you have money.  If I smelled this on a guy, I would think it was incredibly sexy.  

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RazoRock Baby Blue is available from Italian Barber.

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