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Parfums del Rae Panache Fragrance Review


* Panache starts off fruity and boozy- sweet, but still kind of dark.

* It’s a blend of several notes, but it’s so smooth and balanced that I can’t really pick out any of the notes.  Though it is surprisingly loud for the first hour or so.

* The fruity, boozy notes continue as a few flowers come in the mix – jasmine, and another white flower.

* The flowers fade away and some earthy notes, combined with woods, come in.  At this point, it is really close to the skin.

* The deep base is a skin scent of sweet amber and mild musk.

Summary:  Panache is quite an interesting fragrance – almost like three scents in one as the top, heart, and base are completely different, but still related in the journey. As an EDT, the longevity is exceptional, lasting more than eight hours.  Panache, although marketed to women, smells great on a guy. I personally think it’s too much for the office, but I’ve read online that others disagree.  Definitely skin test and see how it reacts on your skin.

Parfums Del Rae fragrances are available through LuckyScent and Parfums Del Rae website.

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Disclaimer: Sample provided by publicist for review. Image courtesy of Luckyscent website.