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Tom Ford Sahara Noir Fragrance Review

* Sahara Noir starts off with an explosion of frankincense.

* Explosion as in bomb- and very powerful but also familiar.  It hit me that the initial stage of Sahara Noir is identical to Amber Absolute after the top calms down a bit.

* Projection is quite strong.

* The Frankincense stays strong as a sweaty wood comes in for a visit.  I am guessing it’s cedar but am not sure.

* The progression is not clean from top to heart to base.  There seems to be different phases every time I wear it.  Sometime the woods stay present for a long time, and grass joins them.  Other time the woods get spicy and resins calm them down.

* There is oud in the base but it’s neither aggressive nor prominent (you really have to sniff for it).  Rather the base is more frankincense with a typical oriental feel of amber and vanilla with resins.

Summary:  Sahara is being marketed to women, and that unfortunately might scare away a lot of guys who would really love it.  While not as bold and aggressive as other scents, Sahara Noir is still a powerhouse.  Please note that Sahara Noir wears differently on different people. Some get frankincense bomb all the way through. Some get a full transition from top to mid to base, like I described.

If you are a fan of Tom Ford Amber Absolute, this is very similar- but instead of being Amber with Incense, it’s Incense with Amber – the dominant note is different.  Sahara Noir is definitely not for the office but would be great for a nighttime going-out scent. Longevity is great; this will last more than eight hours until you shower it off. As a FORDie (lover of Tom Ford scents), I find it interesting that the latest mainstream releases are more interesting than the recent Private Blend releases (and 1/2 to 1/3 the price as well).

Sahara Noir is available from Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Barney’s and other department stores.

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Disclaimer: Sample provided by publicist for review. Image courtesy of Nordstrom website.