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Anu Essentials Meadow Lark, Sita, and Sea Scape Fragrance Reviews

In addition to writing this blog, I also do an electronic dance music blog –   I was writing up the new single “Glowing” by South African-born singer/songwriter Nikki Williams when I realized that her last song was the perfect way to describe the three all natural scents from Anu Essentials.   The song is called Kill, F**k, Marry after the game where you are given three people and you choose what you would do to each.  I thought this could work well with reviewing scents, so let’s remix it and make it more realistic it with – Pass, Screw, Marry. Given these three scents, this is what I would do.

* Pass – Sea Scape –  I am honestly not a fan of marine scents, but this one isn’t even a calone monster, it’s just weird (in a bad way).  Starting with a mix of turpentine, pickle, and dirty white flowers, the odd scent projects massively for about an hour.  The strange notes dissipate and transform into a violet and rose combo.  As nice as the dry down is, to me it’s not worth going through the strange top notes.

* Screw – Sita – Starting off as a dry rose with a hint of pepper, it is lifted by a light burst of citrus.  The rose is joined by light white flower as it goes into dry down. After 2 hours, it dissipates. It feels like a great quickie, something you can enjoy for a little while before you reapply.

* Marry – Meadow Lark – This one is absolutely gorgeous, starting with fresh herbs and spice.  The blend of tarragon, sage, and pepper has a mild sweetness.  The sweetness continues into the base with a creamy sandalwood that last more than 10 hours on my skin (exceptional for a natural fragrance).

Talking to other perfume people, I’ve found that everyone else has the exact opposite opinion but that’s just proof that fragrance is a personal experience.  I am not a big expert on natural fragrances, though there are some that I really love.  If you are looking to go all natural, I strongly encourage you to get a sample pack from Anu Essentials and explore.  Tell me what you think.  I am planning to contact them to get sample of their Shaman because the myrrh/tobacco blend intrigues me. Meadow Lark has also claimed a spot on my to buy list.

Anu Essentials fragrances are available through their website.

Disclaimer:  Samples provided by publicist. Image courtesy of their website.