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Kerosene Fields of Rubus Fragrance Review

* Fields of Rubus starts off smelling like expensive dark chocolate-covered raspberries with a hint of chewy patchouli.

* Rubus means blackberry in latin, and the scientific family rubus describes flowering plants of the rose family (including blackberries and raspberries).

* The chocolate raspberry stays as the focus throughout the development.  A dry wood joins in the heart and is sweetened by a light vanilla.

* In the deep dry down, after 5-6 hours, the chocolate raspberry dries a bit and the vanilla is joined by musk and a light patchouli (lighter than what’s in the top notes).

* The longevity is insane, at more than 24 hours and lasting through a shower.

The Kerosene line is made by blogger-turned-perfumer John Pegg and has been widely embraced by the perfume blog community.  There is an artisan feel to the scent – unique, and of quality, which is also in evidence in the painted bottles that are used.  The sprayer on the bottle is powerful – one squirt lets out a lot of juice.  Fields of Rubus is definitely unisex and will smell great on a guy or a gal.  It is office-friendly as it doesn’t project that loudly after the first hour.  Its also a very pleasant escape to take in while working.  The longevity is way above average as you actually have to scrub it off – not that you will want to.  Each time I wear it – it lasts to the next day and through a shower.  I loved the sample so much that I bought a full bottle.  It has also inspired me to hunt down samples of his other scents to test as well.

Kerosene Fields of Rubus is available from Min New York.

No disclaimer needed, I own a full bottle.  Image courtesy of Min New York website.