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Bond No 9 Harrods Oud Patchouli Fragrance Review

* Harrods Oud Patchouli starts off unexpectedly, with a strong absinthe/anise note.

* Whereas absinthe is often cold, the opening notes feel quite warm.

* The absinthe note lasts quite a long time and is joined by rose, honey, and a light incense.

* When the oud comes in, it feels more like a guest- not a star.  This doesn’t scream oud.

* There are almost two parts to this scent as the flowers fade away and the patchouli and the oud come together for a very nice and blended feel.

* A dusky leather and mellow amber join the patchouli in the base, which lasts a long time.

Summary:  I’ve got to say this – at $350 – this Harrods exclusive fragrance is quite expensive.  With that said, it is quite amazing.  I went in blindly on a split and I am absolutely in love with this scent.  As much as I love swanky, obnoxious oud scents, here is one of the few where the oud is blended as a note in a supporting role and not just thrown in for trendiness’ sake. The absinthe on top was quite startling, unexpected, and actually welcome. It’s nice to be surprised once in a while – especially when it’s a nice surprise.  The longevity on this one is insane, lasting more than twenty-four hours and even through a shower.  Yes, this one is really expensive but if you are looking for a unique take on popular notes, it is well-worth investigating.

Bond Harrods Oud is exclusive to Harrods department and Bond No 9 boutiques.

Disclaimer: No disclaimer needed, I purchased a split. Image courtesy of Bond website.