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Diptyque 34 Boulevard Saint Germain Fragrance Review

* Diptyque 34 kicks off with a mix of citrus and fig, buoyed by a spicy green breath and a touch of cinnamon.

* The scent was created to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Diptyque, named for the address of their first boutique.

* The fruit of the top fades away to reveal subtle florals in the heart – a dry rose with a touch of violet and a bit of spice (cinnamon from the top and some added cloves).

* Even though it is labeled as an eau de toilette, the lasting power is more like an eau de parfum.

* Woods and resins dominate the base with musk and amber adding a sweet and slightly animalic vibe.

Summary:   If you want something different than what everyone else wears but not something too scary or strange, Diptyque 34 is a good place to start.  It’s a modern take on the classic chypre (citrus – top note, floral – heart, musk/moss – base) and it reminds me of classic male Chanel fragrances that were substantial but not overbearing, classic but not boring, and interesting but not scarily eccentric.  If you wear 34, you won’t stand out from the crowd, but you won’t exactly blend in either.   Women who buy their men Chanel Bleu would do well to try this one for a sexier take that is a little less expected but not so far off the map that it will scare him.  Heck, the guy will love the coolness of the magnetic cap and checkerboard braided stem inside the bottle.  As a a bonus, this smells great on both girls and guys – a truly unisex fragrance that is still interesting and sexy instead of watered down and safe.  The longevity is off the chart for an EDT making it more like an EDP with the base notes lasting more than 18 hours on my skin.  This scent is supposed to smell like the inside of a Diptyque boutique which makes me wonder if the candle version is as incredible as the fragrance itself.

Diptyque 34 is available from LuckyScent, Aedes De Venustas, select Nordstrom, and Diptyque website.

No disclaimer needed, I own a bottle.  Image from Nordstrom website.