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Neela Vermeire Trayee Fragrance Review

* Trayee kicks off with a spicy and sweet punch, blending black currant jam with clove/cardamom.

* Part of a trio of fragrances celebrating the history and traditions of India by Neela Vermeire and perfumer Bertrand Duchaufor, Trayee draws inspirations from religious rituals and traditional Indian medicine.

* If you can imagine smoky florals, that is what comes next.   Like a hazy veil, jasmine and yiang yiang float in over the blackcurrant and make a brief appearance.

* The Vedic period is the inspiration of Trayee, beliefs that became the basis of modern Hinduism.

* The smoke turns into incense which blends the blackcurrant of the top notes with the woods, balsams, amber, and patchouli in the base notes.

Summary:  Trayee is a journey from sensual to spiritual- as if you are going from a Bollywood-themed festival to a celebratory religious service.    Projection is moderate, so you could wear this to work in the morning and it will last into the evening, making a perfect base for something to be added to.   If you really love the top notes, spray it on your shirt rather than your skin and it will surround you in a halo of scent.

Trayee is available at Lucky Scent and the Neela Vermiere website.