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Illuminum Orange Blossom Fragrance Review

* Orange Blossom kicks off with orange flower – surprise!  Actually the orange flower is not overly sweet and juicy, spices are there to dry it down.

* The spices are slowly replaced by a quiet oud.  It’s not screaming at first, but you can smell it enter the room.

* The oud is kind of like tequila – you add it to a party and things get interesting.  The oud is joined by a musk that goes a little animalic and gamey, but not all the way to skank.  The orange flower stays present which really accents a contrast.

* After about 6 hours, a sweet zesty incense joins the orange flower to make up the base.

* It calms down to a skin scent that lasts more than 9 hours.

Summary:  When I saw Illuminum Orange Blossom was classified in their musk family, I knew this would be an interesting take.  Mixing oud and flowers is not a new idea, but it’s usually rose which is the flower of choice – using an orange flower was quite unique.  As with all the other Illuminum Haute fragrances I’ve tested, the top broadcasts and then it calms down over time.   This one can easily be for men or women but I definitely see this more for evening than daytime wear.  The oud party in the middle is definitely too much for the office.

Illuminum Haute Perfumes are available from .  They will be available at Henri Bendel in June 2012.

Disclaimer:  Sample provided by Illuminum.  My opinions are my own and I am not financially compensated for this review or any others. Image from