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Nez A Nez Ambre a Sade Fragrance Review

* Kicks off with a loud blast of berries – strawberries and raspberries. Very sweet, reminds me of bubblegum.

* Initial projection is quite strong.  People within a three foot radius will want to lick you up.

* Nez a Nez is an independent French niche line.  The name means “Nose to Nose.”

* The berries calm down and are joined by caramel, cinnamon, and vanilla – making this scent even more edible.

* We dubbed this Amber Bubblicious – and that’s a compliment.

* Berries stay present as the resinous amber gradually seeps in to be quickly joined by patchouli.

* The wonderful amber / berry / patchouli base lasts more than 12 hours on my skin.

Summary:  While at Henri Bendel in New York City, I came across the Nez A Nez line which I had never sniffed before.  While there were many delicious fruity scents, this one stood out on first sniff.  I nearly bought a full bottle from the top note, but I knew better to wait until I tested.  As much as I loved the top notes, the journey and base notes made it even better.  Ambre a Sade is definitely not for the office nor for the meek or mild-tempered.  This one screams and attracts attention – which is probably why I love it so much.

Ambre a Sade is available from Lucky Scent , Henri Bendel , and Aedes de Venusta.