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Caron Yatagan Fragrance Review

* A Yatagan is an Ottoman sword with a single edged blade that was often decorated with artwork and gilded with precious metals.

* Yatagan kicks off with a mix of absinthe and lavender which seems strange, pairing something traditionally narcotic with something medicinal.

* The absinthe stays present and is joined by the scent of pine needles and forest sap.  Its as if different kind of greens are mixed together to form something completely different.

* Although it doesn’t project, the cologne will take you from day to evening with over 12 hours of wear.

* The base notes last a long time – patchouli mixing with leather, forest sap, vetiver, and musk.

* The scent is a play on opposites – cold and hot, moist and dry, maybe even love and war – hence the yatagan name.

Summary:  Yatagan was released in the late 70s and is still in production almost 40 years later; that’s they sign of a nearly classic fragrance.  Since it stays close to the skin, it is office friendly, but don’t let the scent encourage your warrior spirit to take over.