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Nasomatto Black Afgano Fragrance Review

Nasomatto Black Afgano Fragrance Review

* Black Afgano was inspired by the smell of cheeba, or high class weed.  Don’t worry, it doesn’t actually smell like weed – the important word is inspired.

* The immediate top notes are vetiver, smoke, patchouli, and tar- with a touch of menthol.  It goes on feeling dirty but in a sexy way.

* The juice itself is black and just looks dark and evil when compared to most fragrances which are lighter in color.

*  After a few minutes, the fragrance sweetens up with a dense resinous feel of cloves, cinnamon, and tar- combined with an incense that might be used to cover up the smell of smoking weed.

*  Oftentimes patchouli is associated with a dirty hippie smell.  The patchouli in the base is more of what a motorcyclist or a leatherman would wear, mixed with amber and dirty vanilla.

*  Black Afgano is sold as a highly concentrated extrait.  If you apply lightly with one spray, it is a skin scent with mild silage – anything more and you will be broadcasting.  If you’ve got the confidence to pull it off, Black Afgano is definitely a statement maker.

*  The longevity is epic – you will most likely smell Black Afgano after you shower the next day.

Summary:  Black Afgano is the closest that I’ve come to a holy grail fragrance as it is dark, evil, and resinous with enough sweetness to contrast.  It’s definitely a fragrance that everyone should experience firsthand, but it isn’t right for everyone. As much as I love this fragrance, my only complaint is that the cap is not that functional – it’s hard to put on and take off.  That said, Black Afgano is the first fragrance that I have ever used a full bottle of.

Nasomatto fragrances are available from Barneys New York, Luckyscent and independent boutiques.  Note that Black Afgano is made in limited batches each year and is often sold and hard to find.