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J05EPH K 0 Cologne Fragrance Review


* Imagine cologne to be like wine: this one is produced in micro batches and allowed to age for 60 days before bottling to insure complete development.

* Top notes of bergamot and white pepper blend to zesty yet slightly sweet opening.

* Slight projection but stays close to the skin, so its an office-friendly scent.

* The ozone note in mid-development, popular in many fragrances, is reminiscent of the smell of air after a thunderstorm.

* With a very modern luxury feel, violet and cashmere also appear during the middle.

* Lasting more than eight hours on the skin, the dry down is a very clean musk with a subtle flavor of wood and oak moss.

Summary:  While 0 is not something I would normally reach for, it would be a great choice for someone who wants to play it safe yet have a taste of modern edge.  It feels like an upgraded luxury version of many of the modern trends – pepper, ozone – but a bit more special in the execution.

0 cologne is available to sample and purchase through the J05EPH K website.

** Question of the Day:  Are you more likely to buy a micro batch or limited edition version of a fragrance than one that is morely available?  Why or why not?