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Male fragrances vs Female fragrances

The idea that a fragrance is for men or women is a marketing construct.  Guys will not sprout breasts if they put on a woman’s fragrance and girls will not start growing a beard if they put on a man’s fragrance.  Cultural norms and lifetime experiences affect how we perceive fragrance.  People often joke that if a girl wants to attract a guy, they should smell like what guys want (e.g. pizza, beer, new cars, and money). I’ve noticed that traditional female fragrance notes include florals, fruits, vanilla, and candied notes. Traditional male notes include leather, vetiver, tobacco, woods, and lavender. Of course, fragrances aimed toward either gender often carry a wide variety of notes.

The question to ask yourself is whether you want to wear a fragrance that you enjoy, a fragrance that attracts other people, or a scent that does a combination of both.