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Arabian Oud Seher Al Kalemat (aka Kalemat Black) Fragrance Review

* Kalemat Black starts off with sweet incense grounded with dry herbs.

* The projection is powerful and massive, this one is not for the meek of heart.

* A boozy vanilla joins the top notes and the three blend together seamlessly.

* As it begins to calm down (after 3-4 hours), the vanilla dries out as the oud starts to come in.

* The base is a mild oud, nothing too gamey or aggressive.  A slightly sweet amber balances is out.

Kalemat Black is a modern-day powerhouse, lasting more than 24 hours on my skin.  Even after showering, I could still smell the base notes on my skin.  Though not office-friendly, its a really good fragrance for those who want an oud scent that is not medicinal or barnyard, but still referential to traditional Arabic perfumery.  This is also one of those rare scents that behave the exact same way every time I wear it and in such an organized regularity that I could almost set my watch to the transitions.

Arabian Oud fragrances are available though their stores and website.

Disclaimer: I own a full bottle – no disclaimer needed.  Image courtesy of Arabian Oud website.