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Maison Francis Kurkdjian Oud Velvet Mood Fragrance Review


* First sniff is quite confusing.  Am I really smelling motor oil,  burning plastic, tires, and construction materials?

* It’s really disconcerting – like you are walking by an construction site and they are illegally burning construction materials.  It’s also really strong.  Really strong.  

* Then for some reason, the local farmer starts throwing hay on the fire, which must be the saffron coming in.  Also, someone must be cleaning out the churro machine from the roller rink because there is burned cinnamon 

* Suddenly, the smoke dies down and a sweet base of woody resins come in.  Its a little spiced but feels very warm and comforting.

Summary:  People often ask me the scents I review and if they really change.  If you want to experience a fragrance that changes over time – Velvet Mood is one of them.  The smoke ties it into Cashmere and the sweetness does reference the Silk – so I guess this is the one that unites the line.  I can see where the name velvet comes from – a luxurious fabric the shines sweetly, but only if it is rubbed in the right direction.  This is definitely not office-friendly as the smokiness is overwhelming and, frankly, unpleasant at times. It’s a bit as I would say, challenging.  Or maybe a truly strange unique perfume, oops, hope I don’t get sued for that. With that being said, it’s well-blended with great projection and longevity (more than 8 hours), and it is a unique take on oud that I haven’t smelled before.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian fragrances are available at Neiman Marcus, Luckyscent, and Osswald.

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Disclaimer: Sample provided by store for review. Image courtesy of Neiman Marcus website.