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Smell Bent Accident Fragrance Review


* On my first sniff – I get motor oil, car exhaust, and screeching metal with a hint of burning rubber.

* It starts off so strange that I can’t help sniffing it constantly.

* The harshness dials back, and a creamy rubber comes to the forefront. 

* At this point, the scent transforms from aggressive to pretty as it gets a little softer.

* The base is floral and powdery, but not overtly feminine as that may sound.

Summary:  As a dance music journalist, I am always looking for that WTF track – when you hear it and say “what the f*k was that?”  Accident is the musical equivalent.  Why would anyone want to smell like an automobile accident?  This scent is a collaboration with pop culture photographer/media artist Austin Young, and when you experience his work – it makes a lot more sense.  This isn’t traditionally pretty or sexy, but it is interesting and still quite wearable.  Definitely not for the office, but it would be perfect for punk show or art opening.  It makes a bold statement and would take a strong amount of cojones to pull it off.  Even if this doesn’t sound like a scent for you, I would recommend buying a sample from Smellbent just to experience it. It’s strange and out there – but not disgusting or revolting (like ElDo Secretion Magnifique)  – and might make you question whether fragrance can be described as art. 

Also check out the commercial here:

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Smell Bent fragrances are are available from the Smell Bent Website

Disclaimer: Sample purchased by me for review. Image courtesy of Austin Young Website.