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Chanel Coromandel Fragrance Review

* Coromandel starts as a sweet and spicy patchouli with cherry and cinnamon in the mix.

* Coromandel is either named for the Chinese lacquered screens used in dressing rooms or for the Indian Coromandel coast where Chinese and Indian people traded goods.

* Patchouli stays as the focus as woods join in and it starts to get earthy.  The emphasis though is on earthy, not dirty.  This isn’t dirty hippie patchouli, but refined and elegant, earthy patchouli.

* The base is pure oriental sweetness with luscious vanilla and amber surrounding the woods.

Summary:  Coromandel is a decadent yet comforting scent that lasts for hours, if not days.  The sweet base will last until you shower (and scrub) it off, not that you will want to.  Although its an eau de toilette, it wears more like an eau de parfum.   As part of the Les Exclusifs collect, it’s only available at Chanel boutiques and very select department store. In its 200 ML size, it makes a great size for splitting (the magnetic cap is quite nice too).  Applied lightly, it would be safe for the office with moderate silage.  But more than 1-2 sprays and it broadcasts.  Although I am a fan of the classic Chanel masculines (Egoiste, Pour Monsieur), Coromandel is the only one of the Les Exclusifs that I fell in love with.  It smells great on both men and women – I often get compliments when I wear it.

Coromandel is available from Chanel boutiques, Chanel website and very select department stores.

Image courtesy of Chanel website.  No disclaimer needed as I purchased a bottle