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Benetton Colors Uomo Fragrance Review

* Colors starts out, well, colorful with a bright and fresh citrus opening.  Lemon and bergamot is on top with a light floral mix in the blend.

* The top notes feel clean, but not in the current boring laundry way.  If it didn’t project so loudly, this would be a great sports scent.

* A soft vanilla comes in to join the light floral, which gradually gets replaced by a spicy woody mix of cedar and cypress with a touch of vetiver.

* After about an hour, the projection lessens and it starts wearing closer to the skin.

* The vanilla and cedar sticks around into the base where they are joined by a clean patchouli and a very light touch of powder.

Summary:  Colors is the first cologne I ever bought for myself.  I fell in love at first sniff and wore it for the first two years of high school.  I’ve been through probably four bottles over the years since.   Recently, I was at a TJ Maxx with a $10 gift card and when I saw the blue bottle on sale for $10 – I knew it was kismet.  It wears exactly how I remember it, and at the price point, it’s one of the best bargains on the market.  The scent lasts about six hours on my skin, which is excellent for an eau de toilette.  It smells great on a guy but also smells great on a girl.

Disclaimer:  No disclaimer needed – I bought a full bottle. Image courtesy of Perfumes Raffy.