* Loud, boozy brandy opening with a hint of honey and spice.

* Initial projection is quite strong – going out a couple of feet.

* The scent is surprisingly linear- only slightly changing over time to become a little woodier.

* After about 2 hours, it’s a light skin scent bordering on delicate.

* The base keeps a hint of the sweet top and the wood, with a delicate ambery vanilla in the mix.

Summary:  A flat-out boozy fragrance would be something expected from By Kilian, as the founder of the line comes from the Hennessey Cognac family.  I have a mixed reaction to Apple Brandy.  It starts really loud but gets quiet and subtle too quickly for my personal tastes, unlike much of the rest of his line, which stays strong for a long time. However, it is well-balanced, it is sweet but not too sweet and boozy but not too much where you might get pulled over for a breathalyzer.   For an EDP, the longevity is good – lasting more than 8 hours, but after the two hour mark it wears very close to the skin. I wouldn’t suggest it for an office scent, but it would work for a night out scent. I am kind of conflicted on this one because I love the first two hours, but at the high price point I expect it to last longer than it does on my skin.  

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By Killian Apple Brandy is available only from the By Killian website and New York city boutique.

Disclaimer: Decant purchased – no disclaimer needed. Image courtesy of Lucky Magazine.

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2 Responses to By Kilian Apple Brandy Fragrance Review

  1. Kafkaesque says:

    It sounds much more balanced on your skin. My skin amplifies base notes, especially sweet ones, so the booziness was like….. whoaaaaa! It did settle down after about two hours, but not enough so for me to risk wearing Apple Brandy out of the house (as I have to drive everywhere, and the cops here…).

    As for the sillage, Apple Brandy was actually the strongest Kilian on my skin, and I’ve tried about 8 of them by now. Some of his other ones like Musk Oud, Amber Oud, or Playing with the Devil were quite weak on me. (Let’s not even mention Flower of Immortality!)

    I think Apple Brandy would be great in a decant form, like 10 ml, for occasional use. I’m with you on its full bottle price, especially given how it manifests itself on your skin.

    • Ron Slomowicz says:

      Thanks for your comment. Its amazing how our skin is so different. It sounds like your skin has the same effect that “Canvas and Concrete” does on fragrance. I agree with you that Amber Oud is weak (and to me lame as well.) His other ouds are a lot stronger. The limited edition ones are kind of insane.

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