* RazoRock Shave Gel is an all-in-one product – preshave, shave gel, and aftershave.  As such, it’s better than you would expect.

* Testing the Evil Eye (Lime Shave Gel) – the scent is fresh and gives a slight pick-me-up.  

* After washing my skin, I applied enough to have a thin film all over my head and face.  The shave was smooth and clear with no nicks and cuts. 

* The gel doesn’t foam – so shaving is much quicker than having to make lather with a shave soap.

* My skin felt hydrated and smooth, no balm or aftershave needed.

Summary:   Simply put, this is REALLY good stuff.  It works exactly as advertised and its all natural, handmade, and reasonably-priced (120ml for $12).  I bought the original and the lime shave gel but only used the lime since the original has lavender essential oil, which isn’t good for men who are weight training to use on their skin.  The lime scent is invigorating but doesn’t last long after usage.  I have sensitive skin and had great luck using this gel.  One kind of icky thing is that when you rinse your blade off between shave passes, the gel and the hair form a sludge which is kind of gross.  As someone who normally uses a shave soap/foam, I hadn’t seen this before so that was a bit off-putting the first time.  If they would make a 3oz (or smaller) size, it would be absolutely perfect for travel as an all-in-1 shave product to save space in your TSA approved carryon.

RazoRock Products are available through Italian Barber, LuckyScent and Bullgoose.

Disclaimer: Sample purchased for review – no disclaimer need. No financial compensation is received for this review or any others. All opinions are mine. Image courtesy of Italian Barber.

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  1. Steven Myers says:

    Going through this article reminds me of my previous roommate! He continually kept preaching about how great RazoRock was. I’ll forward this post to him. Pretty sure he’ll have a good laugh.

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