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Jovoy Rouge Assassin Fragrance Review

* Rouge Assassin starts strong, with iris and resins.

* Yes, this one is aggressive and quite loud with an intense smell of dirty lipstick.  Dirty as in sexy, not filthy.
* After it softens a bit, more resins come in, with a touch of vanilla and a sweet rose.

* A hint of powder clouds the scent before it calms down to a sweet amber and a creamy sandalwood base.

Summary:  Rouge Asssasin was inspired by women of the 1920s breaking the rules and creating their own life – think flappers.  The scent is vintage, and definitely more for girls than guys.  I gave part of the sample to a female friend and she mentioned that wearing it made her feel sexy in a burlesque, va-va-voom kind of way.  I totally get that as the notes are makeup-related, but not in a conventional fashion, more in a dirty, rebellious way.  It’s definitely not office-friendly but would be perfect for the bad girl in your life (or the good girl who wants to let her bad side out once in a while).

Jovoy fragrances are available through Henri Bednel and Jovoy.

Disclaimer:  Sample provided by publicist for company.  Image courtesy of Jovoy.