*  Somers starts sweet and woody – with licorice and cinnamon, sharpened by cedar.

*  The cedar burns off quickly, leaving cinnamon and licorice as the focus.

*  The spice seems to change from cinnamon to allspice.  The licorice is made less sweet and more fresh as some green scents come in.

*  The scent is sweet but not overbearingly so.

*  In the deep base, licorice is joined by light incense and a sweeter than normal amber.

Summary:  I love the smell of licorice/anise and often reach for Serge Lutens Douce Amere or Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin when I want a fix.  Somers is the in-between – it’s not as sugary sweet as Lolita Lempicka nor as boozy as Douce Amere.  Somers is not overbearing, but it stays present and has a nice longevity for an eau de toilette – it lasts more than six hours, so it will get you through a workday.  It is work-friendly as it doesn’t project too loudly, though if people get too close to you, they might want think you’ve been eating candy instead of doing work.  If you are looking for a licorice scent that is neither too young-feeling nor too mature, Somers is a great scent worth testing (at a nice price point of around $60).  Encased in the special Lili Bermuda cedar wood box, it would also make quite a nice gift for the holidays (or for yourself).

Lili Bermuda Somers is available from the Lili Bermuda website

Disclaimer:  Sample provided by Lili Bermuda.  Image courtesy of Lili Bermuda website.

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4 Responses to Lili Bermuda Somers Fragrance Review

  1. I’m testing the feminines right now. It seems that all of them are good for “work” or “day” wear which is good. Most of us unfortunately spend most of our time at work!

    • Ron Slomowicz says:

      Good point. I think the goal of the line is to bring some of the spirit of the vacation/island home with you to enjoy. I am testing South Water now which is a nice tropical vacation in a bottle.

  2. Meg says:

    Good to see Lili B. on your notable blog! Great little house with some very nice selections. 32N/64W were my favorites.

    • Ron Slomowicz says:

      Hey Meg, thanks for the comment. I am right now testing South Water which is a tropical delight. I am impressed with the quality of these fragrances at such a reasonable price point. They seem like great souvenirs to bring home from a tropical vacation. Based on your recommendation, I am pulling out 32N and 64W to test soon as well.

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