Do y’all like the new look?  I am doing some cleaning around here and thought I would lighten things up a bit.

Good news:  I’ve been hired to write the copy for a new perfume line so that is my focus this week.  Watch out for new reviews to return next Monday the 11th.


4 Responses to A quick update

  1. karen says:

    Have fun! I do like the laid paper background though I have to admit that I now have only the vaguest recollection of how the blog looked before (red and black?). The logo sticks with me, but the overall design not so much.

  2. Undina says:

    I like light colors better, it’s easier to read, in my opinion.

    Will you tell us which line you’re writing for?

    • Ron Slomowicz says:

      Thanks for your feedback. I am happy with the sprucing up also – it feels a lot lighter. I did it to go with the launch of my new dance music blog –

      When the upcoming line is released, I will let everyone know about it. For now, I was signed to confidentiality agreement. Since I am being paid by the company, I won’t be reviewing the scents on the site as that would be a clear conflict of interest. I might write about it based on the experience of writing copy and how its different than writing reviews – and the mods process.

  3. Natalie says:

    I am just catching up on reading, and I LOVE the new look! Clean and easy to read.

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