* The fragrance kicks off with a dry blend of incense and patchouli.

* Kalimantan is the Indonesian name for the island of Borneo which is the third largest island in the world.  The island had the oldest rain forests in the world which have been deforested at a rapid rate.

* Out of nowhere, the scent goes massively and aggressively skank with a strong mix of cedar, cumin and oud.

* When I say massively and aggressively, I mean the volume gets turned up and it projects wildly.   Its the first fragrance I’ve tested that gets louder the longer you wear it (heart notes are stronger than the top notes.)

* After about an hour, the skank starts to tone down and it gets a little sweeter.

* The base notes are a nice vanilla and sandalwood blend which lasts for 8 hours on my skin.

Summary:  Chantecaille is a luxury skincare / cosmetic line for women.  The fragrance bottle is quite pretty with etched/raised glass and a mirrorball like lid.  While this might fit the other fragrances in their collection (Frangipane, Tiare, Petales), it doesn’t make any sense for the beast known as Kalimantan.  I say this with love because I bought a full bottle of this monster just because it is so animalic, aggressive, and almost comically over the top.  This scent would fit better in the line of Serge Lutens or even Etats Libre D’orange line.  I am just imagining a rich lady sitting at the Chantecaille counter in a Neiman Marcus or Nordstrom getting her make up done.  She reaches over and absent mindedly sprays some Kalimantan on her skin.  The first whiff is pleasant but then a few minutes lady, the skunk hits and she starts screaming.  I would love to be there to see this.  Kalimantan is clearly not office friendly and I strongly recommend skin testing it.  Even if you don’t plan to ever buy a bottle, get a sample and experiment with it.  I am not comparing this to the shock value of say Secretions Magnifique, but the skank definitely comes out of nowhere and lets itself be known.

Chantecaille Kalimantan is available at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and Barneys New York.


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4 Responses to Chantecaille Kalimantan Fragrance Review

  1. I want to be there to see that too, lol. Because seriously, who would expect for this fragrance to be this way? Especially being that their previous fragrances were all pretty, pretty princess florals. I mean I love this fragrance. I think it’s their best but it seems to be more of a perfumista fragrance if that makes sense. And maybe not a perfumista fragrance, but a skankista fragrance.

  2. Sujaan says:

    I was just looking around for reviews on Kalimantan and found this old post, so not sure if you’ll see my reply.
    I LOVE this fragrance! And I love the bottle too. I got a sample at Bergdorf’s and knew I had to have it. Then I found a nearly full bottle on eBay for a very good price. Lucky me! I wore it to a belly dancing class and all the women loved it too! On me it doesn’t seem to go skanky, not that I would mind a little skanky note, it’s much more spicy and incense with the thyme and rosemary notes popping out from time to time. I agree this is a BIG perfume, not office friendly, but I recommend people try it to see how it develops on their skin. I think it’s quite sexy.
    I like their Frangipane too, it’s a nice, not too sweet, floral summer scent. I totally agree that Kalimantan seems like quite a departure for this line, I’m just glad they ventured out!

    • Ron Slomowicz says:

      Thanks for your comment.

      I love Kalimantan also but dont wear it too often because it is a total skank-bomb on me – and i have to be in the right frame of mind to project that (mentally and fragrantly.) Is that even a word?

      Thank you also for checking out the site. I am sort of on a brief hiatus as I work on http://www.NotableDance.com.

      Since you love scents and are based in NYC – you should check out Elements Showcase next month- http://www.elements-showcase.com/ – it will blow your mind!

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