* New York Oud kicks off with a quite loud blast of oud and sweet plum.

* It is strong, quite strong, and lasts a long time.

* The sweet plum recedes and saffron comes into the forefront with the oud for a little while.   Then on me, I suddenly get Ivory Soap (on top of the oud).   I am not sure exactly of the notes – kind of sweet, but in an inedible kind of way.

* Projection on this is massive and it stays strong for several hours

* In the base, there is still the oud and saffron in the forefront.  On different wearings, I’ve also smelled patchouli and a light musk – but it’s still all about the oud and saffron.

Summary:  Bond No 9 is what I call, lovingly, a battery acid fragrance.  Once it goes on, it cuts through everything and takes control.  I wouldn’t say it’s linear (meaning the same from top to base) but it’s linear-ish, as if the main oud and saffron stay in the game with different players joining for a bried inning/appearance.  This is definitely not an office fragrance – save it for the nighttime.  If you find New York Oud too strong and want to stay in the Bond No 9 line, try their Signature Oud in the gold bottle.

Bond No 9 Royal Oud is available from Saks Fifth Avenue and Bond No 9 New York Boutiques.


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6 Responses to Bond No 9 New York Oud Fragrance Review

  1. Natalie says:

    Oud and plum? I think I might actually like that! I’ll need to watch for this on my next sniffing trip.

    • admin says:

      If you like “in your face” oud – then you will like New York Oud. I have almost bought it a few times – but realized that I already have several strong ouds so it is kind of duplicitous. Check out also By Kilian Rose Oud and Byredo Oud Immortelle.

      • Natalie says:

        You know, I’m unsure how I feel about oud. I don’t dislike it, I’m not sick of it (b/c though I have smelled lot of the ouds that have come out recently, I haven’t bought any of them), but neither am I especially drawn to it. So I think in your face would be okay with me, because paired with plum. That just sounds good! 🙂

        • Ron Slomowicz says:

          I have almost bought a full bottle so many times.. only thing holding me back is price. I think when I sell off a few bottles – this will be my next treat for reaching a big goal. It really is one of hte best Bonds.

  2. Ferris says:

    This is one of my favorites . You are right it is potent with massive longevity and projection ( about 16-24 hours and still goes) I find it one of the most wearable ouds around. Montale aouds are in a word toxic and nauseating namely Black Aoud and Lime Aoud. I do like Red Aoud however, so there is some hope for the Montale line after all. LOL Great review

    • Ron Slomowicz says:

      Thanks for the compliment.

      I haven’t played with the Montale Ouds too much. I visited the store in Paris two years ago and it was just a bit overwhelming. You kinda have to question a company that puts out THAT many scents. The only one I’ve really played with is Chocolate Greedy which I really liked.

      I have too many ouds already – my favorites being the strange (and almost sickening) Xerjoff Alexandria, straightforward Killian Rose Oud, powerhouse Dior Leather Oud, intense Arabian Oud Kalemat Black and non-Oud Creed Royal Oud . The Body SHoppe take is surprisingly good and worth the risk of an international blind buy for $10

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