Providence Perfume Company Cocoa Tuberose Fragrance Review


* Perfect for those with sensitive skin, Providence Perfume Company fragrances are 100% natural and organic.

* The top notes are a narcotic blend of cocoa, clove, and anise.

* This is a statement fragrance with a level of projection (for the first hour or so) that I have never experienced before from a natural fragrance.

* The cocoa stays present and is joined by florals – mainly tuberose- but there is another there which I can’t identify.

* Florals are typically found in female fragrance but this is a scent that smells amazing on a guy who has confidence.

* Boozy base notes round out the fragrance, with cocoa and tuberose still along for the ride.

Summary:  Cocoa Tuberose was love at first sniff to the point where I wanted to add rum and drink it as a cocktail (and I am not a drinker). The scent is truly intoxicating.  The projection for the first hour is intense, and after that you will catch glorious whiffs as you move your arm (or wherever you sprayed it) around. Lasting over eight hours on the skin, the longevity is amazing for any fragrance- even moreso for a natural.  Although not office friendly, this is a great nighttime/clubbing fragrance that will attract a lot of attention.   When I have worn it out, I’ve received a lot of compliments. I had the honor of meeting the perfumer Charna at the Elements Show and can honestly say that this fragrance matches her energy and exuberance.  Check out their website and order a sample of this masterpiece.

Cocoa Tuberose is available from the Providence Perfume Company website.