* Ocean kelp is said to have many benefits for the skin- including restoring moisture, nourishing and revitalizing, as well as detoxification.

* For this new scent, they have switched from a pre-shave oil to a pre-shave gel.  The gel is much easier to use because it stays in your hand when you apply it rather than seeping out.

* The Ocean Kelp scent is a very light aquatic.  It feels fresh and revitalizing but is definitely not overpowering.  It will not interfere with any cologne that you put on afterwards.

*  The shaving cream produces a nice usable foam with very little frothing needed.  The foam stays in place and is very lubricating.

* The after shave product has changed from a balm to a lotion.  Comparing the unscented balm to the Ocean Kelp lotion, the lotion is nearly transparent, much lighter, and absorbs more quickly in the skin.  There is a slight cooling sensation that is a bit energetic.

Summary:  If you are a fan of Art of Shaving, the Ocean Kelp kit is definitely worth checking out.  The scent is not too strong, but there is enough aroma for a sense.  I’ve been using the unscented kit for a while and made the switch with very good results.   If you are new to wet shaving, the kit is a great way to get started.  Art of Shaving stores offer a DVD to show you how to use a brush to prepare and basic wet shaving techniques.

Art of Shaving products are available from select department stores, The Art of Shaving boutiques and from The Art of Shaving Website.


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  1. Bruce Faranks says:

    I tried this and didn’t like the smell.

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